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I'm moving over to Tumblr. I like the functionality of Tumblr a lot.

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Mega Man

Daryl Dixon, Walking Dead



Funky Venkman

Ghost Busters

Hulk have pals

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Sloth Loves Chunk

Big Trouble in Little China

One of the Greatest movies ever!

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Dun dunnun nun nun!

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how to coming soon!!!

Friday, October 25, 2013


by Tim Odland

See a larger version HERE.

See a larger version HERE.


Writen by Doug Wagner 
Art by Tim Odland

See a larger version Here

The Making of Creature Feature

1.Heres where I do the WRITING and THUMBNAIL layout.

2. Blow-up and LAYOUT the thumbnail on the computer using proper per portions.
Make boarders.
Draw things so they're a little more recognizable.

3. Make another pass tightening up the thumbnail even more. 
I'd call this more of a PENCILING phase.
4. Figure out a ROUGH COLOR CONCEPT. 
At times I can be dense when comes to color. 
Some times I'll reference another piece. Proud of my self, this time I figured it out on my own. 
It wasn't too hard, I took two complimentary colors Green and Orange and went from there.
That was my lesson here always start with a complimentary color combo.
5. Turn all my rough digi pencils to BLUE, screen them back and print them out.

6. Tighten up the blues with PENCIL, putting in small details, texture and finishing up the drawing phase.

7. INK, Ink, Ink. (Missing Photo)

8.then SCAN in the inked pieces and put them together as a page.

9. Then I put in the FLAT color based on my color rough.
Things start to feel how I envisioned.

10. Turn color off. Put in a couple of cell shaded SHADING values.

11. Turn on color and shading together. Then put in HIGHLIGHTS and lighting.

12. Add the captions and texturing Illustrator. Put in the LETTERING.
And that is it!

See a Larger Version HERE

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Making of Frankenstein's Monster

 1. Get the script form Mr. Doug Wagner an amazing writer...

2. Sketch out initial panel ideas/view points. Figure out the order of most important panels. That's how I determine what should get the most attention. with that figured...

3. Do a quick thumbnails to figure out the layout. Enlarge the thumbnail to size and then I go back over the drawing making it more recognizable.  Pretty much turning scribbles into actual things. Once I've got the drawing close to the basic structures I want, I then letter it in ai.

4. Next is the "pencil stage" I do this digitally. I go in and tighten the drawings up even more. Turn it all to Cyan, scale back the opacity and print it out to ink.

5. Once it's printed out. I'll do one more pass with actual pencil putting in small details I've missed. 
Then I start the inking.

 6. Once the inking is done I scan it in.

 7. I pick a color combo and start flatting solid colors.

8. Then I turn the colors off and put in the shading.

9.Then turn the colors back on so I can see both. Then I put in lighting and highlights.

11. Then go back to ai adjust the lettering if needed and transfer it over to the art.

And there you have it.

See a larger version Here

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Inktober day 11

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Inktober day 10

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Inktober day 9

did this at Draw Night.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Inktober Day2

Alligator Fish'n. "Spent all night catch'n it now I can't bring myself to use the bait!"Day2

Inktober Day1

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Halloween Group Show

Come Check out our show at  Mod a-go-go.  I'm doing GIANT SIZED COMIC pages of classic monsters.  One of which is written by Doug Wagner (DC comics, Wildstorm, The Ride, World of Warcraft Blood Sworn).
 I also heard SLC Gallery Stroll is turning into a costume stroll that night.
Stay tuned for more info. I'll also post my art as I complete it. You'll want a print I promise.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Salt Lake Comic Con

 Here are some commissions...

A penguin.

 Space Odyssey 2001

No Face from Spirited Away.