Monday, July 25, 2011

Comic Con VS Mini

Here's the mini comic I did for Comic Con 2011.  
I thought rather than have a biz card a mini comic could work as both. 
The Comics is a trifold with six 5"x7"sections. 
My friend Derek Hunter (Lobster Lad, Pirate Club) helped me out with the printing.
I Only printed up 100 of em.

I worked on this after work and it took me about a week.

Above: First Version of the Colors. 
I switch the back ground color to a red to help my characters standout out.
Also, I rendered them out a little more.

Above: The Pencils
Below: Thumbnail roughs.
Here's where I was seeing how far I could push it.  I wanted the cover to be really dynamic with all kinds of action. I tilted the characters and Really covered the title up. I still feel like this has all kinds of energy but I needed more of a standard format.
Because the format of the mini comic would be a distant step from a standard comic, I decided that I better make sure the cover was more recognizable as a comic cover.
So I Gave it the flat upper cover panel like the old comics and more of a standard Branding box

This is the thumbnail I stuck with. It's a little less dynamic but more recognizable as a a comic cover.
  All and all it was a fun Challenge and a lot of fun.
Just in case you want to look at a bigger versions the pages. This is the print format.

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Lauren Winston said...

WOW Tim!! Your talent is amazing. Love the trifold business card. Mini comic is comically vile. You are Badness!