Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stayin' Alive

This illo was used for the main feature article and the corresponding illustration to the cover. The article was about, why innovation is critical for every business, and how personnel and policies can keep you on the cutting edge. It was a hoot to draw! The challenge to illustrating for a business mag is taking a business concept and relating it to something profound that supports the theme.

Building a better Mouse Trap

My 2nd Cover for Utah CEO. This issue was all about innovation and how it's important to stay on top of technology.

Angel Invester

For another article I did for Utah CEO. The article was about what your should know before looking for an angel investor.

Going Green

An illo I did for UT CEO. The article was about moving your business over to a more enviornmental friendly stance.

My 1st Cover for Utah CEO

Really my first cover on anything. I did this originally for an inside illustration but after a visit with the Editorial Designer I found out they decided to used it for the cover. Thus I finally made the cover of something heh.


I painted this little Guy for a Munny Show at Mechanized. I think he turned out pretty good. I did another munny called Creech. These things are addicting to paint. Fun stuff!

slim Pickin's ( unemployment is down)

This was one of my first commissions for Utah CEO, a magazine published through The Newspaper Agency CO.
It was for an article about employment, Looking for good people when unemployment is down. It concluded that anyone who wants a job can get it with the current status of the job market.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fine art Show at Mech

I like to stay active. Working all day on the computer has resulted in, me wanting to use my hands when I get home. experimenting whith paints, spray paint and wood texters have been my latest endevors. This show is a result of my experiments. I've experimented on a few skate decks and even had two works printed on them. Come check it out this friday!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Frank and Kim Thumb