Sunday, September 13, 2009

Catch That Bus

Final Colors

Monday, September 7, 2009

Skullcandy Ad proposal art

Experimenting with skull fink.

Bus Chase cover

Mad Monkey issue 1

I did every thing here pencils inks colors

Character sketches

Origin Cover

random Pages

Mad Monkey Sequence

A sequence from The comic

Got Picked by Free Skier Mag

My Helmet design got props in this years Free Skier Buyers guide. It was an Editors pick.

Giro-Skullcandy Colab

Finally coming out this winter is our Giro Helmet. I did the Ski/Board helmet graphic and design elements. I also did the Icon2 headphones and a nifty Bandanna that will transform you to king tut. Super fun project.

The Mob Muncher

My second illustrated series headphone. I've got my fingers crossed that they might one day make this babby. They chose the Viking one over this and put it on the back burner. Personally I like it better.

INK'D packaging illo

This was a freelance packaging illo I did in college that landed me a job when I graduated. You can go to any BestBuy in the country, ask for Skullcandy and see my art. Kind of a weird thing for me.

Skull Munny

Kid Robot Munny. Spray paint and acrylic.

Ivy League

A Band who was recently on Warped tour. I did their EP album art. They had a back story for the cop monkeys. Really I like cops.

Use Your Abilities to Your Advantage

Not the final but an illo done for UT CEO.

IDW bertie

I'm a fan of Ashley Wood's "Zombie vs Robot vs Amazon." The talk about less is better.

Mr.Skull Bones

Skate deck art

Lumberjack Jam

This I did For SLUG mag. It was for their lumberjack Jam Comp, It ran as an ad and a poster.

Artist series Headphones

This Headphone is out in stores! Look for it in Little skate shops all over the country! I also did a very limited skate deck for promo. I'm one of five graphic designers at skullcandy. It's a hoot!

Voelkl Skis

I did a some skis for Voelkl International my second to last year in School. There were a few girls in Europe and the in US who ran it. Eventually the skis got made.

Thumb nail

Ut CEO mag Cover

First Mag illustration. During last year in College. I worked at the news paper.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Creature Pencils

Viking Story