Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Take Out

Above: The digital rough.

Below: The actual painting.
It's about 4.5ft x 3ft. 
It was hanging down at Nobrow 3rd and3rd in Salt Lake. It just sold.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Original INK'D packaging illo

This was a freelance packaging illo I did in college that landed me a job when I graduated. You can go to any BestBuy in the country, ask for Skullcandy and see my art. Kind of a weird thing for me.

Your Meat Team Skullcandy

For a Future Skullcandy Project.

Lady Luck Deck

Today I got the sample of my Lady Luck deck. 
They did a good job on the print.
Smells good too!

Here you go boys and girls.
I wish I had a little more time to really tighten it up but some times "it is what it is."
FYI "SKUL" is our stock ticker.
 Here's some roughs of  a deck I'm working on.

Wire frames drawn digitally on my cintiqu.

Just some rough color.
The ink'd drawing. 

This guy got cut from the line. :-(   One of my favorites this year.

Skullcandy Skate Buddy

Promo Stickers

These are older ones but were talking about rebooting this and creating more.
The Skate Buddy is the first of the new 2011 ones.

No Guns No Gold "Sampy"

First round sample of my Shrunken head Skate deck.  It took a while for them to make it. Very very soon you can purchase one of these shralp sticks on the skullcandy site.

My art here was Zorlac inspired. Big fan of PUSHEAD

Flying Eyeballs

I love the curvy one in my sketch book but I had to straighten it out to fit on some product. On the facing page you can see some ideas and my first sketch of the "puke skull Logo." You can see the final in an earlier post.

Final variations with color.

Gear Head graphics

Go Cat go!

Skullcandy Puke Logo

2011 Ink'd concept

New packaging illustration for the 2011 Ink'd bud. Koi Fish Skeleton. Hope it flys

CES Trade Show Performance Poster

I had to spice up a boring Excel document that had a grid of the performances and make it into a poster.
I thought it would be cool to show it like it was a play list from an old cassette tape. My art director dug it.

Lurker Toxic Flyer

Here is one of the headphone families I designed. It'll be out some time in 2011. It's inspired by the early Rock Poster Movement.   It focuses on the element of visual texture and the bombardment of imagery in society. It's an evolution of one of the lines I did last year with some neon green thrown in the mix.

Posters for a pattern

Lurker Gear Head

Here's one of my new headphone families coming out in 2011.