Friday, June 18, 2010

Dr.Pepper Colab

Here are some quick rough draft Headband options I did. Because I was featured in the mag as the designer I wanted to do something that represented my style and maybe get my name out there.  Dr.Pepper didn't like any of them.  They wanted something really clean and subtle with their logo on it.  I feel that there are endless numbers of designers who can do "clean design." My thought is that you wouldn't go to Van Gogh and tell him to put your logo on could get anyone to do that.  You would go to Van Gogh because you wanted his style and personality featured in your product. (Its not like I'm Van Gough but...) Its really hard to express your personality and style on something clean, if you've got an illustrative style.  Due to the long corporate approval process, I just gave up on representing myself and gave them what they wanted. When they interviewed me they asked what my inspiration was. It's hard to answer when the idea used wasn't even mine.

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