Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Not quite a 24hr Comic

In the spirit of Halloween...

Yeah, I didn't do it all in 24hrs but all the layout, writing and 11 of the thirteen pages where drawn all in 24hrs. I wanted a second book to sell at APE so I quickly colored it up, drew a cover, two pin ups and got it to a point where it was sellable. Its a mini comic about half the size of a normal one.

I've got some left over and I'm going to try and get 'em into some local comic shops. If you want a copy you can email me @ timodland@yahoo.com

Here's our booth at APE, Minus Derek Hunter.
Left to Right: Shane Hillman, Me, and Rachel Hunter.

My Tire Exploded on some random San Fran high way. This little happening made our adventure to sell comics even more exciting!

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Kristian said...

Dude! That is my Badness little brother! GO TIM!