Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Batman Beyond

Oldman- Wayne... Who wouldn't think Batz would end up a feisty old man still in the game, beating people over the head with a cain.  He's ancient and weathered but still can KICK SOME A$$. I love it.

McGinnis- very different batman personality. Kind of like Peter Parker always cracking witty jokes.

Ace- Dog super heros...not a fan....however...I think the best carnation of Ace The Bat-Hound is in Batman Beyond.  In fact I really like him. Why? Cause he's just a normal dog that hangs around oldman Wayne. No costume(#1 reason dog super heros suck...costumes.) On a occasion he get in the mix and starts biting people but that's only when the fight is brought to his old Geezer of a master.  

Love this series. It meshes well with the batman Mythos.


maishee said...

Oh how i miss Ace the Bat-Hound, he's been a great canine crime-fighting partner of
batman and Robin.

Shawners said...