Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kuretake No.13 Brush Pen

Kuretake No.13 Fountain hair Brush Pen

This is the kind of tool that makes you love inking!

Features: Nylon bristles, snap on lid and comes with three disposable ink cartridges. It's easy to load and not messy at all. A converter ink cartridge is also available to experiment with different inks.

Range of Strokes: This pen has a huge range of lines it can make from very thin to broad. I really enjoy the fact that I don't have to bother with the hassle of switching pens for line width. This sucker does it all.

Flow: I love how this baby flows. I used one full ink cartridge and it flowed well right up to the end. I was surprised by how much use I could get out of one cartridge too. 

Transporting: I trucked it around  in my back-pack for a week. I expected it would leak but, was pleasantly surprised how well it travels.

Take Note: Like most standard brushes the brush on this pen isn't firm and requires a few practice runs to manage how much pressure you should put on it.   Once you get that down you'll love to use this pen!

I Highly recommend this tool.

Where to Buy: JetPens

Jet Pens is where I get all my brush pens. They have a wide variety pencils, pens and unrivaled shipping. They really process orders fast. My orders usually come with in two days.
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Adam said...

Rad, I'm a real sucker for good brush pens! I'll have to pick on of these bad boys up. Have you ever used the Pentel pocket brush pen? I wonder how they compare?