Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Wedding Announcement

The big poster.

The announcement card....

"Odland...Tim Odland."

That's right folks I'm getting married!

Didn't you know? In the early 70's my lovely fiancé and I starred in an unofficial Bond movie? (Right.)

I designed our announcement after late 60's early 70's movie posters. They used black & white photos with the type/graphic elements in solid colors. Later when printing technology progressed big blockbuster movies took on better printing methods and could now incorporate full color photos. The Black and white style found itself demoted and only used by the the B movie circuit. Grind House posters are good example of this.

I did all the concepting, design, typography,photo alteration, and vintage treatment.

Reed Roe took the shots he's a good friend and great photographer.  He did an outstanding job creating "sculpted shadows and movie poster lighting."

Here's a couple thumbnails when I first came up with the idea. They're quick junky drawings but just enough to get an idea out on paper.


Fran said...

Exquisite work Tim... all our friends are raving about this announcement and your creativity!

steph k said...

congrats. :) and this looks AWESOME!

NMEZero said...

That is easily the coolest wedding announcement I have EVER seen!!

JOHN said...

Man, that is Sweet ! Wish that I knew how to do this.