Friday, October 18, 2013

The Making of Frankenstein's Monster

 1. Get the script form Mr. Doug Wagner an amazing writer...

2. Sketch out initial panel ideas/view points. Figure out the order of most important panels. That's how I determine what should get the most attention. with that figured...

3. Do a quick thumbnails to figure out the layout. Enlarge the thumbnail to size and then I go back over the drawing making it more recognizable.  Pretty much turning scribbles into actual things. Once I've got the drawing close to the basic structures I want, I then letter it in ai.

4. Next is the "pencil stage" I do this digitally. I go in and tighten the drawings up even more. Turn it all to Cyan, scale back the opacity and print it out to ink.

5. Once it's printed out. I'll do one more pass with actual pencil putting in small details I've missed. 
Then I start the inking.

 6. Once the inking is done I scan it in.

 7. I pick a color combo and start flatting solid colors.

8. Then I turn the colors off and put in the shading.

9.Then turn the colors back on so I can see both. Then I put in lighting and highlights.

11. Then go back to ai adjust the lettering if needed and transfer it over to the art.

And there you have it.

See a larger version Here

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